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A big thank you to the University of Minnesota Head Coach, P.J. Fleck, for teaming up with Ireland’s Hope to help promote the importance of pediatric organ donation

We are so grateful for the support that Ireland’s Hope provides to our families. They continue to serve families in remarkable ways bringing visibility to an often under-supported population. The resources Ireland’s Hope offers will continue to impact families for years to come.

Rachel Faust MSW, LICSWClinical Social Worker, Heart Transplant and Cardiovascular Care Center, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of MN

Thank you to Ireland’s Hope for relieving some of the financial burden that comes with having a child that is critically ill and in the hospital for long periods of time. We are grateful to not have to stress as much about finances and focus on caring for Molly.

Mike and Melissa, Wilmont, MN

The financial help that we received from Ireland’s Hope helped us to breathe a little easier knowing that we could focus on our son and his recovery. There is so much stress a family goes through when they have a child in heart failure. Many thanks to Ireland’s Hope for allowing to focus on what matters the most.

Christin, Burnsville, MN

Thank you, Ireland’s Hope, for allowing us to receive a reprieve during this long marathon of a medical adventure while our daughter was fighting for her life. It was such a blessing to receive help with our bills.

Trista, North Dakota

I would like to thank Irelands hope for helping us with our mortgage payment. It takes some financial stress off of my husband and myself as Asher waits for a heart transplant. I would also like to thank you for the wonderful care package of essentials for hospital life. We greatly appreciate it.

Love, Asher’s mom

While in the hospital with our son, awaiting heart transplant, Ireland’s Hope has and continues to fill our family with heartfelt emotional and financial support. Having the generous support from Ireland’s Hope to help us with our mortgage, food gift cards as well as parking passes has allowed us to focus on the health and healing of our son and not worry so much about financially surviving from one month to another.

Karissa & David, Minnesota

I am so grateful that Ireland’s Hope is willing and able to help with my bills. I never expected to be on the receiving end of such kindness and care! This help will stop me from spending time worrying so I can focus on my son’s recovery with his new perfect heart.

Eddie’s mom, Minneapolis MN

We were in tears when we learned that Ireland’s Hope would be providing us with financial help while our son was in the hospital awaiting a heart transplant. Their support helped us make it through a very difficult time.

Taylor’s Parents, Illinois

Thank you Ireland’s Hope for helping me with my son. You provided me with necessary baby items, gift cards for food, basic needs, and my transportation needs. I am eternally grateful.

John’s mom, Minneapolis, MN

Words can’t express enough our sincere gratitude to Ireland’s Hope for the support that you have extended to our family.

Regan & Reese’s mom, MN

We are so grateful to Ireland’s Hope for helping us with our mortgage payment during such a difficult time in our lives.

Karsyn’s mom, MN

There are no words to express the gratitude we have for all the support and compassion Ireland’s Hope gave our family during the most difficult time in our lives. The financial resources they provided truly helped us to survive. They were so supportive of our entire family.

Charlotte’s mom, MN

We are eternally grateful for the kindness, compassion and financial support that our family received from Ireland’s Hope while our daughter was hospitalized awaiting a heart transplant. My wife had to quit her job to be with our daughter 24 hours a day and we had no family close to help and support us. Thank you for caring.

Ava’s dad, Eagan, MN

Ireland’s Hope stepped into a tumultuous time in our lives when we were dealing with the unimaginable-waiting for a new heart for our daughter whose health was unstable and the future was uncertain. Ireland’s Hope took over the burden of our mortgage payments during a period where my husband was on FMLA and would not receive a paycheck for four months. In addition, they provided us with gift cards that helped to pay for medication co-pays, gas, parking during our many trips to the hospital for post-transplant therapies and groceries. We are eternally grateful for the work that they do to support families during what can be their darkest hours.

Tawanna, Chicago, Illinois

Sending the message of hope.

Ireland’s Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation who’s mission is to increase pediatric organ donation while providing financial assistance to children undergoing heart transplants.

Organ Donor Awareness

We are committed to increasing organ donor awareness in the United States. There is currently more than 122,000 people on the National Transplant List waiting to receive an organ. Over 2,000 of the individuals waiting are children. It is paramount that this issue exists in the mainstream. We are committed to bringing national attention to this cause through education, public forums, and social media.

Organ Donor Registration

Equally importantly, we are dedicated to increasing organ donor registration within the United States. With a new name being added to the National Transplant List every 10 minutes, it is of utmost importance that those who are able to register for organ donation actually do register. We want to ensure that as many people in need of transplants can find the care and help they deserve.

Providing Financial Support

Ireland’s Hope provides financial support to families who have a child currently awaiting a heart transplant or recovering from a heart transplant in Region 7 of the United States (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota and South Dakota). Families who have a child who is undergoing a pediatric heart transplant are frequently left both emotionally and financially devastated.

In the United States alone, there are more than 120,000 adults and 2,000 children currently on the waiting list waiting to receive a lifesaving organ.

On average, 22 people die each day nationally waiting to receive an organ donation and every 10 minutes another name is added to the National Transplant List.

Just one organ donor can save the lives of up to eight people and improve the quality of life for an additional 50.

Ireland’s Hope was inspired by a spunky 8 year old girl named Ireland Larson.

Ireland was born with right hypoplastic heart syndrome, which means an underdeveloped right ventricle. Ireland experienced her first open heart surgery when she was just six weeks old. By the time Ireland was four years old, she had already undergone three open heart surgeries. In addition to this, Ireland spent a large portion of her life in and out of hospitals.

As time passed, Ireland continued to experience health complications. She was eventually diagnosed as being in advanced heart failure. She would require a heart transplant in order to survive. Ireland became hospitalized again in January of 2015, where she spent 10 long months waiting to receive a heart transplant, and a second chance at life. Finally, in October of 2015, Ireland got her heart transplant.

Even though Ireland’s Hope was named after Ireland herself, this foundation does exist for all the brave young warriors in need of HOPE.

Ireland’s Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to increasing pediatric organ donation while providing financial assistance to families of children who are undergoing a heart transplant.

The organization was founded by Ireland’s aunt, Patti O’Connor, in 2015 after witnessing firsthand the financial impact that exists as families are waiting for their child to receive a heart transplant. Patti saw the gap that medical insurance doesn’t account for, everyday living expenses. These expenses include a families mortgage/rent payment, utility bills, transportation and food. The decision was made to pay it forward and bring HOPE to these families in need.

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