Good News on Ireland’s Hope Families

Just a few short months ago, Ireland’s Hope hosted our 2nd annual Angel Heart Gala. We are excited to share how your support has already made an impact in the lives of several children and their families:

The Nordlings are a local Minnesota family. Their daughter, Regan, is a beautiful 7-year-old girl who waited 373 days in a hospital to receive her 2nd heart transplant. We are thrilled to share that Regan is now home, thriving and enjoying her time with her family.

The Montgomery family, from North Dakota, celebrated their daughter Lily being discharged from Mayo after being hospitalized for seven long months. With limited pediatric transplant centers throughout the United States, many families like the Montgomery’s find themselves needing to travel long distances to get to the care their child so desperately needs.  We are so happy to share that Miss Lily is now home with her parents and doing wonderfully.

We’re proud to say that so far in 2018 we’ve already been able to help several families in need.  In addition to providing financial assistance to the families like these, we have also been able to spend more time working on promoting pediatric organ donor awareness by partnering with other organizations and using our collective resources to reach a much broader audience.

None of this would have been possible without your kindness, generosity and support.

We are forever grateful to have you as part of the Ireland’s Hope family!