The mission of Ireland’s Hope is to increase pediatric organ donation while providing financial assistance to families of children who are undergoing a heart transplant.

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Providing Financial Support

Families who have a child who is undergoing a pediatric heart transplant are frequently left both emotionally and financially devastated. Many parents are needing to stop working outside the home in order to care for their ill child. Ireland’s Hope helps families with their non-medical day-to-day living expenses. It is our desire to help restore hope during this difficult time.

Ireland’s Hope provides financial support to families who have a child currently awaiting a heart transplant or recovering from a heart transplant in Region 7 of the United States (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota and South Dakota).

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Organ Donor Registration

We are committed to increasing organ donor awareness in the United States. There is currently more than 122,000 people on the National Transplant List waiting to receive an organ. Over 2,000 of the individuals waiting are children. It is paramount that this issue exists in the mainstream. We are committed to bringing national attention to this cause through education, public forums, and social media.

Equally importantly, we are dedicated to increasing organ donor registration within the United States. With a new name being added to the National Transplant List every 10 minutes, it is of utmost importance that those who are able to register for organ donation actually do register. We want to ensure that as many people in need of transplants can find the care and help they deserve.

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